Week 10 Monday Night Football: Broncos vs. Bills betting guide and top picks for NFL fans

The Buffalo Bills are facing uncertainties as they prepare for their upcoming game. Their performance has varied greatly in recent matchups, with significant wins and losses and no games decided by more than six points. This unpredictability is reflected in their power rankings, with a high offensive ranking but a struggling defense.

The Bills’ strengths and weaknesses are further highlighted in their team metrics, showing their high offensive power but low defensive rankings. Despite their offensive success, their defense has been lacking, especially in run plays. The absence of key defensive players due to injuries is a major concern for the team as they head into their next game.

On the other hand, the Denver Broncos have been facing challenges in their passing game, with Russell Wilson not reaching high passing attempts in recent weeks. However, their opponents in those games have had strong defensive units, influencing their passing strategy. As they face the Bills, who are dealing with a weakened secondary, it is expected that the Broncos will prioritize passing in this game.

In addition, running back Samaje Perine has become a more prominent receiving option for the Broncos, and with the pressure Wilson will likely face, utilizing Perine as a checkdown option could be advantageous for the team. The Bills have struggled in defending against running backs in the passing game, making Perine a valuable asset for the Broncos.

Overall, the game between the Bills and the Broncos is expected to be influenced by the passing strategies of both teams. With the Bills’ weakened secondary and the Broncos’ potential to exploit this vulnerability, it is likely that both Wilson and Perine will play crucial roles in the upcoming matchup.