Thursday’s NBA Betting Lines, Odds, and Statistics for 2023

ESPN’s Eric Moody gives his favorite bets for Thursday night’s NBA games, and his first recommendation is to bet on the Orlando Magic with a +3.0 point spread. Moody explains that the Magic are a team playing with a chip on their shoulder and excelling on defense. They are ranked fifth in points allowed per 100 possessions and are strong in rebounding. The Atlanta Hawks, while talented, have a habit of underperforming when they are favorites, making Orlando a promising bet.

Additionally, Moody recommends betting on Paolo Banchero to score over 28.5 points and rebounds. The Hawks have struggled defensively against power forwards, and with key players being ruled out for the Magic, Banchero is expected to carry a heavy load for his team on Thursday night.

For the second game of the night, Moody suggests betting on the Indiana Pacers with a +3.5 point spread against the Milwaukee Bucks. Despite the Bucks’ struggles on defense this season and the team’s learning curve with new players, Moody believes the Pacers have a chance to keep the game close, if not win outright. The Pacers lead the league in points scored per 100 possessions, and with the game being played at home, they are set up for success.

The article also provides key details and injury reports for both matchups. In the Milwaukee Bucks at Indiana Pacers game, the Pacers are reported to be leading the league in points scored per 100 possessions. The injury report notes Khris Middleton as a game-time decision for the Bucks.

For the Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic game, the Magic are noted as having a strong record against the spread, and several key players, including Jonathan Isaac and Markelle Fultz, are listed as game-time decisions or already ruled out.

Overall, Moody’s betting recommendations are backed by analysis of both teams’ performance and strengths, making for an insightful and informative read for basketball fans and bettors alike.