Simplebet’s Micro-Betting Thrives in MLB Postseason

Simplebet, a sports betting technology provider, experienced a significant increase in MLB playoff wagers during the 2023 postseason. The company saw a staggering 88% increase in the volume of micro-bets placed compared to the previous year, with a total of 2.4 million micro-bets recorded.

As a market leader in micro-betting products, Simplebet caters to clients such as DraftKings, bet365, Caesars, and the recently added Hard Rock Sportsbook. The company also witnessed a 2.5x increase in the total number of micro-bets and a 2.3x increase in unique users during the 2023 MLB regular season compared to the previous year.

Despite the low television ratings for the World Series, Simplebet’s micro-betting platform thrived during the postseason. The matchup between the Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks received the lowest television ratings in Nielson’s history of tracking them since 1963. However, this did not deter sports betting, as micro-betting saw a surge in engagement.

Chris Bevilacqua, the CEO of Simplebet, expressed the company’s excitement and satisfaction with the results from the 2023 MLB season and postseason. Bevilacqua highlighted the ability of their micro-betting markets to keep users engaged, even during one-sided games in the World Series. He also mentioned their plans to build on this success as they prepare for the 2024 season.

Notably, micro-bet engagement peaked in the later stages of games, with approximately half of the micro-bets being placed after the 7th inning. In the World Series, Game 1, which went into extra innings, and Game 4, which saw late-inning action despite appearing to be a blowout, were the most heavily bet games.

Looking ahead, Simplebet is expanding its range of micro-betting options, recently introducing new options for the NBA. These include “First Field Goal Scorer Exact,” “Team First Field Goal Scorer Exact,” “First 3-Point Scorer,” and “Team First 3-Point Scorer,” inspired by the popular NFL “Same Drive Parlays.”

Overall, the success of micro-betting during the MLB postseason underscores the growing interest and engagement in sports betting, particularly in the realm of micro-bets. As Simplebet continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the future of sports betting looks promising.