“Seminole Tribe Announces Launch of New Sports Betting App” – The Famuan

The Seminole Tribe of Florida made a recent announcement regarding a gaming expansion in all six of its casinos. Starting on December 7th, these casinos will be launching a gambling app that includes popular games such as craps, roulette, and sports betting.

This news comes on the heels of a decision by the United States Supreme Court to block a multi-billion dollar agreement between the Seminole Tribe and the state of Florida. In 2021, the tribe had initially launched an app that allowed for sports betting across the state. However, this app was shut down due to a federal lawsuit filed by pool betting companies, and the closure was upheld in a federal ruling by a three-judge panel.

The original agreement had been signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Seminole Tribe of Florida chairman Marcellus Osceola, Jr. This 30-year agreement had faced opposition from two pari-mutuel companies, who claimed that it violated federal laws and would have a negative impact on their business.

Despite the legal hurdles, the Seminole Tribe is moving forward with the launch of the gambling app. However, access will be limited to those who had used the app in 2021 or individuals who have points from the tribe’s loyalty program. Gary Bitner, a spokesman for the tribe, stated that this limited access is being offered to test the Hard Rock Bet platform.

The CEO of Seminole Gaming, Jim Allen, expressed optimism about the potential impact of the new gaming expansion. He noted that the agreement would create over 1,000 new jobs and position Florida as a key player in the global gaming industry.

The launch of the app is set to take place in phases, starting with the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino on December 7, followed by the Tampa Hard Rock on December 8, and then the Seminole Immokalee and Seminole Brighton casinos on December 11. However, a legal challenge has been filed, raising uncertainty about whether these projected dates will be met.