Options Traders Anticipate Further Decline for Two Struggling Stocks

The falling share prices of DISH Network and Lucid Group Inc. (LCID) have sparked concerns in the options market, with investors wary of the companies’ cash flow troubles. DISH reported a more than 30% decline in earnings, contributing to a 90% drop in just over two years. The company’s subscriber losses and significant net debt of $24 billion have raised questions about its survival, causing its stock to attract more bearish bets from options traders. Meanwhile, EV maker Lucid Group Inc.’s cash flow concerns stem from aggressive competition in the electric vehicle market, with Tesla dominating the industry due to its ability to turn a profit. With just $4.4 billion in cash reserves, Lucid’s negative cash flow projections have raised alarm bells, prompting high trading volumes for options contracts set to expire in 2024 and 2025. However, some investors remain optimistic about the company’s potential to raise capital from major investors, including the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, potentially offsetting its cash concerns. In contrast, Datadog (DDOG) reported strong earnings, resulting in a sharp increase in share prices and leading to less bearish bets from option traders. The company’s usage growth and positive analyst reviews contributed to its upbeat performance, inspiring more confidence in its stock. Overall, the options market reflects the varying fortunes of companies, with bears circling companies facing cash flow troubles like DISH and Lucid Group, while more optimistic trends emerge for companies like Datadog.