Get Ready for Week 11 of College Football with This Betting Guide

Week 11 of college football is shaping up to be a week of intriguing games that could yield a big payday. After a mixed week 10, with a starting money of $955, we are hoping to turn our luck around in week 11. For tracking purposes, 1 unit will be equal to $100. We are considering various games to place individual smaller bets and do one high odds and one small odds parlay.

One of the games we are keen to focus on is the Tennessee vs. Missouri game. Both teams have offenses that can put up points and defenses that have shown to give up points as well. Joe Milton has recently demonstrated his elite arm strength and we are considering placing a bet on him throwing for over 225 yards with odds at -160. Additionally, we are interested in wagers on the performance of Squirrel White, Jaylen Wright, and Cody Schrader in the Tennessee vs. Missouri game.

Another game that has caught our attention is the Oklahoma State vs. Central Florida match. Alan Bowman has shown promising form in recent games and we are considering placing a bet on him throwing for over 225 yards. Furthermore, we are interested in bets on Brennan Presley’s receiving yards and Ollie Gordon’s overall performance in the game.

We have also identified potential bet opportunities in the Ole Miss vs. Georgia game and the Oregon vs. USC game. Both Tre Harris and Quinshon Judkins have shown consistent performance in recent games, and we are considering placing bets on their performance in their respective matches.

Moreover, we are eyeing potential betting options in the Michigan vs. Penn State and Arizona vs. Colorado games. We believe there are props to target in these games, including bets on JJ McCarthy, Roman Wilson, Noah Fifita, and Tetairoa McMillian.

To sum up, we have shortlisted several games and players for potential bets in week 11 of college football, with the hope of having a successful week. With careful consideration of each game and player’s recent form, we are optimistic about the potential for a successful betting strategy.