Get Ready for Week 10 with Loza’s and Dopp’s Winning NFL Betting Props for 2023

On this Veteran’s Day, one former veteran of the US military provided his insights and predictions for Week 10 of the NFL season. In this special edition of Fantasy Focus, the former veteran thanked all those who served or are currently serving in the military. He expressed his appreciation for their service and extended his gratitude to all his fellow veterans.

The former veteran started off by discussing TE props and predicting that Irv Smith Jr. of the Bengals would score an anytime touchdown against the Texans. Smith’s performance in Week 9 and the absence of Tee Higgins led the former veteran to believe that Smith would get more opportunities to score against the Texans’ defense.

Moving on to RB props, the former veteran predicted that Bijan Robinson would exceed 81.5 rushing and receiving yards against the Cardinals. With confidence in Robinson’s abilities, the former veteran expected him to take advantage of the Cardinals’ defense and surpass the yardage threshold. Additionally, the former veteran anticipated that Jahmyr Gibbs of the Lions would achieve over 2.5 receptions against the Chargers due to his consistent performance throughout the season.

The former veteran also shared his prediction that Christian McCaffrey of the Panthers would score an anytime touchdown against the Jaguars, aiming for a record-breaking 18th consecutive game with a touchdown. With trust in McCaffrey’s abilities and the team’s support, the former veteran expected McCaffrey to make history in the upcoming game.

Concluding the predictions, the former veteran turned to QB props and expressed doubt about Joshua Dobbs of the Steelers, expecting him to record over 0.5 interceptions against the Saints. Reflecting on Dobbs’ past season performance and the interceptions forced by the Saints’ defense, the former veteran was skeptical about Dobbs’ ability to avoid turnovers in the upcoming game.

Finally, in the WR props category, the former veteran predicted that Christian Kirk would exceed 53.5 receiving yards against the 49ers, citing Kirk’s consistent performance and the 49ers’ defensive struggles against opposing receivers.

With these insights and predictions, the former veteran offered his unique perspective to Fantasy Focus as a tribute to Veteran’s Day, showcasing his expertise in analyzing NFL matchups and player performances.