Detroit Casino Workers Strike, Advocate for Boycott of Online Betting Platforms

For nearly a month, casino workers in Detroit have been on strike in hopes of getting better wages and healthcare. Now, they are trying new tactics to gain support and put pressure on the casinos they are negotiating with.

Lisa Cuthrell, a cook at the Hollywood Casino at Greektown, believes that the striking workers need more support from the community. She is urging people not to cross their picket lines and to stand in solidarity with them.

The workers have expanded their strike to online betting platforms, calling for a boycott of sites like Fan Duel, ESPN BET, Hollywood iCasino, and BetMGM. Lisa Zezula, who works at MGM Grand, expressed her frustration, stating, “If you’re doing it online, it’s the same as coming here. It’s like smacking us in the face.”

In addition to the online boycott, the workers are planning large rallies outside the casinos during major events, hoping to draw attention to their cause and put pressure on the casinos to make better deals with the union.

Both Lisa Zezula and Lisa Cuthrell remain committed to the strike, with Zezula expressing her hope that the new tactics will lead to the casinos recognizing the losses they will incur and ultimately result in a victory for the workers.

Cuthrell reiterated the importance of the strike, emphasizing the need for higher wages and better healthcare to keep up with the rising cost of living.

The casino workers are clearly determined to continue their fight for better conditions, utilizing new tactics and strategies to make their voices heard and hopefully bring about the changes they are seeking.