Depot at Night: Steelers’ Scoring Woes, Pickett’s Generosity, ESPN’s Wagering Limits

The Steelers Depot Daily segment now includes a late-night edition to capture the latest news of the day. This edition, called Depot After Dark for Nov. 10, covers various Pittsburgh Steelers-related stories and highlights that may not require a dedicated article but are still worth mentioning.

One story focuses on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ ongoing struggle to score touchdowns, despite showing signs of improvement since their bye week. The team ranks 30th in offensive touchdowns this season, with only 11, placing them ahead of only the New York Giants (nine) and the New York Jets (eight). Their upcoming game against the Green Bay Packers presents an opportunity to improve this statistic, especially since the Packers may be without key players such as CB Jaire Alexander and LB Quay Walker.

Another heartwarming story features Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kenny Pickett, who recently made a young fan’s day by hosting him and his mom for a tour of the team facility. Landyn Strosnider, who was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this year, was surprised by Pickett, who served as their tour guide for the day. The two even had a catch on the team’s practice field, making the experience truly memorable for Strosnider.

In a departure from Pittsburgh Steelers news, an interesting media note is discussed regarding the relationship between sportsbooks, media outlets, and sports betting. ESPN, in anticipation of launching their ESPN Bet channel, has implemented new gambling restrictions for their employees. These restrictions aim to prevent potential ethical conflicts, such as placing bets on games or events employees are assigned to cover, using confidential information for betting purposes, and allowing relationships and betting lines to influence stories. While the policy may be sound, the enforcement and practicality of upholding these restrictions remain to be seen, as gambling and sports continue to intertwine.

Overall, the Depot After Dark segment provides a brief yet comprehensive overview of various Pittsburgh Steelers and Steelers-related stories, as well as broader issues surrounding sports and media.