College Football Game: “Mad Dog” Confesses to Betting Against His Son’s Team

Sports Radio Host Bets Against Son’s College Basketball Team, Wins Big

Sports radio host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo found himself in a moral dilemma when he was persuaded to bet against his own son’s college basketball team.

In his segment “What Are You Mad About” on the show First Take, Russo revealed that his bookie, known as “Fat Rob,” convinced him to bet on the University of Connecticut’s men’s basketball team to cover the spread against Northern Arizona. This was a difficult decision for Russo, as his son serves as an assistant on Northern Arizona’s coaching staff.

The spread for the game was 23.5 points, and UConn was the favorite to win. Despite his initial conflict, Russo made the bet and had to root for UConn to win by a significant margin.

During the game, Russo received a call from Fat Rob reminding him of the bet. He expressed his internal struggle, stating, “So in essence, I was in the arena and I needed UConn to blow my kid out the window because Fat Rob made a bet!”

After the game, UConn emerged victorious with a score of 95-52, exceeding the 23.5-point spread. Despite the ethical dilemma, Russo joked about his conflicting emotions, stating, “Northern Arizona, they got destroyed. I walked out of the arena in tears! But here’s the funny thing: when he told me we had UConn, I laughed all the way to the bank!”

The revelation of Russo betting against his son’s team may have surprised his audience, but it seems that the thrill of winning the bet ultimately overcame any fatherly concern for his son’s team. Ironically, despite his initial conflict, Russo found himself celebrating the financial gain from his son’s team’s loss.

The segment aired on ESPN and garnered attention for its controversial nature. Despite the personal conflict and ethical dilemmas, Russo’s experience serves as a reminder of the complexities of sports betting and the potential conflicts of interest that may arise. The story also serves as a cautionary tale of the risks and moral considerations associated with sports gambling.