Boston college vs Virginia Tech: Betting Predictions and Odds

After a tough start to the season, the writer is now on a hot streak with a 3-0 record in their recent game day picks. The upcoming game that they are examining is the Virginia Tech matchup at Alumni.

The writer describes Virginia Tech as somewhat of an enigma, starting the season at 1-3 and then going 3-2 in their recent games. The team has shown some strength defensively, particularly with their strong pass rush and solid secondary. Offensively, they have found success with their quarterback Kyron Drones and their strong running game.

Despite these strengths, the writer points out that Virginia Tech’s record is 4-5, with their best win being against Wake Forest. The writer emphasizes the importance of the matchups in the trenches, particularly how BC’s offensive line will handle Virginia Tech’s pass rush and how Virginia Tech will try to attack BC’s secondary.

The writer ultimately predicts a win for BC in the upcoming game, citing BC’s strong O-line and the significance of the game for both teams in ACC play. They are also picking BC +2 and over 49 for the game.